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The US Military just majorly stepped up nuclear bomber deployments to Guam

The US deployed every type of strategic and nuclear-capable bomber to Guam amid soaring tensions between the Washington and Pyongyang in a move sure to rattle North Korea. The B-1B Lancer bomber, the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, and the B-52H – the workhorse bomber that dropped tens of thousands of tons of munitions on North […]

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B-52H Bombers Have Arrived In Guam

The War Zone was the first to report yesterday that two B-52s were en route to Guam, and once there they would join examples of the USAF’s other two heavy bomber types that have also taken up station on the island. A cadre of B-1Bs have been forward deployed to Guam for nearly a year […]

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The USAF Has Taken Another Step Toward Re-Engining its B-52 Stratofortress

The U.S. Air Force appears to be moving ahead with plans to finally replace the engines on its aging B-52H Stratofortresses on a one-for-one basis, which could give the iconic bombers extra time over the battlefield or additional overall range, all while cutting the costs to fly them per flight hour. Though the project could […]

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